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Homework is defined as out of the class tasks assigned to students as an elaboration of classroom work or extension. There are three types of homework: Practice, Extension, and preparation. Practicing homework strengthens newly acquired skills. Extension homework is long term assignments which is parallel to the class works. It helps the students to extend learning by applying skills to different situations. Common homework may include writing, reading, problem solving, school project to be made and other skills to be practiced. It helps the students develop positive habits and study skills that will serve them throughout life. Doing homework on time will always help achieve better grades. The reason behind assigning the homework by teachers is to support a topic that has already been taught in the classroom and to give brief idea of what will be taught in the next class. It gives the opportunity to share the difficulties with the teachers. Doing homework is another way to develop a sense for responsibilities. Assigning the homework and giving a deadline for submission helps develop a great sense of punctuality. It is a great tool that is used in schools to improve the understanding and increase the efficiency of work. It helps students to use their time wisely. Most of the students encounter various problems such as they are struggling with time management, due to hectic schedules, they are not able to complete their work to meet the deadlines and at the end they come up with an un-organized work, they come under pressure due to the academic standards and deadlines set by the teachers. They lack the right resources; success relies on having access to the right resources. They don’t have enough sources to get good material. A common problem among the students is that that they have difficulty to remember the facts and figures related to the particular topic.
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