When writing the essay the first thing to keep in mind is to choose the right topic. Before that you need to see in which direction you are writing the essay- is it going to persuade the target audience, tell the personal experience, steps on how to complete a particular task or is going to educate the people. The custom essay writing service is capable of handling all type of essays that the students demand. believes that there is more than one way to draft the essay. Now, before drafting the final document you need to know about types of essays to understand which one suits you the best-

  • Narrative essay- This essay is written in the first person form and usually involves the conversational language. In this, the reader writes his/her personal experience of ongoing experience or event. In a narrative essay, the writers showcase his/her personal views to reflect on the minds of the readers. The points should be created in such a way that the reader feels connected with the writing.
  • Explanatory essay- This type of essay is written to deliver the other persons’ information in-depth and explain what is hard to comprehend. The information should be precise and accurate. The write should be aware of swift transition between the paragraphs. Such type of essay presents the personal view on specific situation or event.
  • Descriptive essay- In this essay, a writer is required to describe a person, thing, place, smell, taste, sound etc. The descriptive essay can be subjective or objective. The description provided by the writer should be influential so that it remains on their mind till the end. The motive of writing the descriptive essay is to reveal the meaning of the topic.
  • Persuasive or Argumentative essay- It is necessary for the reader to be aware of both sides. If the writer has the complete information from the other side then only he/she will be able to write convincing arguments. The goal of the argumentative essay is to persuade the reader to welcome their point of view.
  • Comparison essay- Before writing such essay, make sure you draft a rough outline of the differences and the similarities between the two or more things. Such essay shows the contrast and similarity between the two subjects. It reveals how two things differ from or similar to each other.
  • Process essay- It describes the procedure of the particular task. The process is written in a step-by-step procedure for the better understanding of the reader. It is merely a set of instructions.

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