Before writing the essay you need to keep in mind the topic you choose. You need to see in which direction you are writing the essay. Whether you are writing it to persuade someone, you are telling your experience, or you want to tell the steps on how to fulfill a particular task. The Custom essay writing service is capable of managing the essay of different types. informs that there are several formats for writing an essay. Now, before you begin with writing the essay you need to know about the various types of essay-

  • Narrative essay- The narrative essay is written to influence the minds of the reader’s. It is generally written in the first form and the tone used is conversational. It is written to narrate the previous personal experience or the ongoing situation. The content drafted should be in such a way that the reader feels connected while reading.
  • Explanatory essay- In the explanatory essay the writer explains about the small details related to a person after the in-depth research on the topic. The information provided should be accurate and precise. Also, the swift transitions should be made between the sentences of the paragraphs to develop the logical connection. Theexplanatory essay presents the personal point of view on the specific event.
  • Descriptive essay- This type of essay is written to describe a person, place or thing. The content included should be influential so that it reaches the minds of people and stays for a longer period of time. The descriptive essay can be objective and subjective. It reveals the meaning of the topic which is being studied.
  • Comparison essay- Such type of essay is written when you want to show the comparison between two or more things. A comparison essay includes the similarity and the difference between the objects under study.
  • Persuasive essay/ argumentative essay- Dissertation writer states that the persuasive essay is written to persuade a target audience. On the other hand, the argumentative essay is written to put down the arguments and comments on the topic. In this, the writer needs to know information from both the sides then only he/she will be able to write an argumentative essay. The aim of such essay is to persuade the reader to present their point of view.
  • Process essay- This tells the procedure of the specific task. This includes the step-by-step procedure for the enhanced understanding of the topic. In other words, one can describe process essay as a set of instructions given to the reader to carry out the work efficiently.

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