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Accounting is mentioned as the “business language”; responsible for recording financial transactions and management rules set up by the company .Accounting is one of the most primitive methods of monitoring the financial transactions in various small and large scale business enterprises. The development of accounting is related to progress in writing, counting, and capital. The thought that accounting is something of a recent invention is ridiculous and untrue. Accounting can be comprehended as the skill of assembling, recording, classifying, shortening and analyzing the transactions of an enterprise in a significant manner which is in monetary terms and are of financial nature that helps interpret the results. There are types of accounting like financial, Managerial, cost and management accounting. There are so many topics to deal with- balance sheet, maintain journal entries, cash flows, balance statement, costing etc. there are different types of accounting like financial, Managerial, cost and management accounting ,it gives you the whole analysis for a financial expense. In accounting, all the dealings and the transactions are recorded in a book and this is known as bookkeeping. Accounting itself has several different fields like management accounting, tax accounting, financial accounting and auditing. Accounting is the process by which financial data about a particular business is recorded, classified, summarized.
It has been observed that students encounter various problems while doing their accounting homework. The common problem is time adherence. They are not able to complete their homework within the deadline set by the teachers. Another problem is accuracy; they get stuck while solving problems related to accounting. They tend to fear accounting due to mathematical formulas. They lose their interest due to lack of applications. Accounting becomes lengthy even when a minor mistake is made in the process of calculation. Another problem faced by the students is the inability to understand the theoretical part which is bound to create a problem in the practical section.
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